The International Ticket and Travel Center was set up by Ruth Schweiger (above) in February 2017.  Ruth has many years’ experience in the Tourist Industry both in Germany and Ireland.

Ruth, born in Limerick in Ireland, grew up in Dublin before moving to Schwangau, near Füssen in Germany in 1995.  Before moving to Germany, Ruth studied a B.A. in Business Studies in Dublin Business School (then Accountancy and Business College).

Since moving to Germany, Ruth has run a small family Hotel and Restaurant with her former husband as well as providing tours both in Germany and in Ireland.

An opportunity presented itself in July 2016 to set up a business directly at Füssen Train station, where over a thousand visitors arrive daily in the high season to visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle.  Ruth, having run a hotel in the area and provided tours, saw a gap in the market to provide a better service to the day tourists as well as helping guests staying in the area plan their holidays better and easier.

The idea of the skip-the-line castle tickets came about as, despite a very well organized system provided by the Wittelsbacher Ausgleich Fonds and the Castle Department of the Bavarian State, many guests still arrive spontaneously in the summer months and are disappointed with long-waiting lines or sold-out castles.  We were very successful in our first season providing many of these guests with tickets.

We also provide fast-track tours, for those who would like a guide to help them enjoy their day in Neuschwanstein as quickly and easily as possible.

Further tickets, tours and recommendations can be organized for you through the International Ticket and Travel Center.

If you are visiting Füssen, drop in and see us.  We would be delighted to help you in any way we can!

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