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Prince Ticket

Combo ticket Neuschwanstein & Museum of Kings

Quick Details

Child (3-17 years)

Tour Neuschwanstein Castle and the Museum of the Bavarian Kings

These two landmarks are must-visit locations during your Bavarian holiday, and International Ticket & Travel Center makes it easy for you to visit both without having to wait in seemingly endless lines. Just purchase your combo ticket online ahead of time and visit Neuschwanstein Castle and the Museum of the Bavarian Kings.

Neuschwanstein Castle is that idyllic hilltop castle you’ve likely seen online. As one of the most-visited destinations in Europe, you can’t miss this chance to see its impressive halls for yourself. Tall spires, ornate interior design, and vast limestone facades make Neuschwanstein Castle the picturesque site it is today. But its history goes far back in the centuries, and there are many fascinating details just waiting to be discovered during your tour.

While the Museum of the Bavarian Kings used to be a luxury hotel, today its main purpose is to educate visitors on the history of one of the most significant dynasties in Europe. Tour its many sections and learn about the kings who ruled over the centuries. Explore many exhibits and pay a visit to the restaurant with delicious local favorites.

You will have a set time to visit the inside of Neuschwanstein Castle and you can go in and out of the museum as you please throughout the day.

If you choose to take a shuttle bus or a horse and carriage ride, then make sure you have enough time as there can be long waiting lines for both.

Book your combo tour online today!

Tour Times

In English: ca. 11:00 & 13:00 (Neuschwanstein)
In German: ca. 11:00 (Neuschwanstein)

Please note: Ticket must be collected at our office at least 90 minutes before your tour begins There are steps up to Hohenschwangau Castle but it is relatively easy to reach. Reaching and touring inside Neuschwanstein Castle does require a medium level of fitness and is not suited for limited mobility. Allow 4 hours from beginning to completing the tour and to getting back to Füssen.